SME Bizloan


Because Plantersbank understands the needs of SMEs, it has made available the SME Bizloan–a range of loan packages that suit specific SME financing requirements. Entrepreneurs can now borrow from over P10 million to P50 million to meet their company’s growing needs.

The Plantersbank SME Bizloan is backed up by various special loans program funded by multilateral agencies and government financial institutions. This business loan offers customized credit facilities such as:

  • Credit Line

    For temporary working capital such as gaping of receivables or building up of inventory.

  • Term Loan

    For business expansion, acquisition of fixed assets or acquisition of machinery and equipment.

  • Check Discounting Line

    For working capital requirement via assignment of third party PDCs.

  • Domestic Bills Purchase Line

    For existing clients of PDB in need of credit accommodation to replenish day-to-day working capital requirement via purchase of third party dated checks.

  • Standby Letter of Credit

    For clients in need of bank guarantee for the performance and completion of specific projects or business activities.

  • Back to Back Loan

    For existing depositors of PDB who are in need of immediate funds to augment business requirements using their own term deposits as collateral.

  • Program Loans

    Obtained by PDB from selected government agencies and wholesale financial institutions such as BSP, Landbank, DBP, SSS, and SBGFC extended to eligible borrowers for specific purposes.

Documentary Requirements

  • Audited or In-house Financial Statements for the last 3 years
  • Latest Interim Financial Statement (if over 6 months from previous year’s FS)
  • List of Majority Owners/Principals/Officers
  • SEC/Business Registration with updated General Information Sheet
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Copy of Title (TCT or CCT)
  • Tax Declaration
  • Real Estate Tax Receipt
  • Master Deed of Restriction (for condominiums)
  • Building Plan (if with building)
  • Bank Statements for the past 6 months
  • List of Customers and Suppliers with contact details

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic criteria to qualify for an SME Bizloan?

Any SME can apply for a loan, provided the company:

  • has been yielding profit for at least three (3) years;
  • is managed by an experienced and competent team; and
  • is engaged in moral, legal and legitimate business

How much can I borrow?

As an SME Bank, we concentrate on providing loans from P10 Million up to P50 Million. Plantersbank, however, can entertain applicants with higher funding requirements on a case-to-case basis.

For smaller loanable amounts of P500,000 to P10,0000 kindly check our Plantersbank Small Bizloan for details.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate may be fixed for the entire term of the loan or variable, subject to re-pricing at the beginning of each month.

What assets can I use as collateral?

You can make better use of your existing assets by supporting your loan with the following:

  • Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
  • Chattel Mortgage (CHM)
  • Project assets to be purchased or building constructed
  • Plantersbank time deposit accounts or placements
  • Other acceptable collateral subject to bank’s evaluation and approval

How will the loan proceeds be released?

If you apply for line facilities such as Regular Credit Line, Check Discounting Line and the like, loan proceeds are deposited to your Plantersbank deposit account and will be available for drawing anytime.

If you avail of the Term Loan, loan proceeds shall be released in lump sum or staggered basis and will likewise be credited to your Plantersbank deposit account.

What are the modes of repayment available to settle my loan?

For credit lines, principal is payable upon maturity of the loan and interest payable monthly or quarterly. For term loans, repayment may be made monthly or quarterly for both principal and interest dues.

Need more information?

Call Plantersbank Direct at (02) 812-5325. You can also email us at or visit any Plantersbank branch nearest you.